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About Us


Odisha Technology  is a prominent IT consulting firm in India, renowned for delivering a 95% success rate to domestic and global clients. With 5 years of experience in software and web applications, we are equipped to drive business growth worldwide. Our managing director emphasizes the success mantra of a successful entrepreneur: having clear goals, strategic planning, passion, risk-taking, innovation, confidence, and self-belief.


Odisha Technology is a professional digital marketing platform based in Noida, India. Since its establishment in 2015, we have served a wide range of businesses, brands, corporate houses, and industries. Our managing director's strong determination and hard work have led us to become a renowned company in the digital marketing field. Our mission is to bring advanced digital technologies to help businesses of all sizes grow and achieve maximum ROI. With a strong customer base worldwide, we are recognized as a trusted and successful provider of software and web solutions.

At Odisha Technology, we prioritize our clients’ time and investments, ensuring a serious approach and maximum output within given deadlines. With a focus on understanding customer needs and business goals, we offer innovative digital marketing services such as web development, website designing, SEO, PPC, SMO, and mobile app development. Our experienced digital marketing experts ensure outstanding online success and continuous growth for our customers. We excel in creating software applications for cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Our team of technology masters, programmers, and software engineers possess the expertise to guide customers in selecting the right technology for their business and industry.

With mastery and specialization in web and software application development, we are currently working on over 150 projects to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our services extend beyond Indian clients, as we serve a global clientele. Our commitment lies in providing quality services, 100% customer satisfaction, reliability, and guaranteed and swift results. Our primary goal is to create market-driven and profitable digital marketing strategies for our valued customers.